Emergency & Humanitarian Aid Distribution

18 September 2023

Bamyan, Afghanistan

HASCO team, with the support of Partner Organization and a generous French philanthropist, distributed humanitarian aid packages in Bamyan province. These packages included essentials Flour, Rice, Beans, Chickpeas, Lentils, and Tomato Paste. for both emergency situations and human needs.

In the current circumstances in Afghanistan, such aid is crucial for providing relief and support to vulnerable communities, addressing immediate needs, and fostering a sense of solidarity and good will.


  • Distribution of Humanitarian Aid:* Our team distributed packages containing essential items to the needy families of Bamyan province. These items are vital for addressing both emergency situations and everyday human needs.
  • Support from Partner Organization and a French Philanthropist:* The distribution was made possible with the support of Partner Organization, along with the generous contribution of a philanthropist from France. Their support underscores the importance of collaboration and solidarity in humanitarian efforts.
  • Significance in Current Afghan Context:* Given the challenging circumstances in Afghanistan, humanitarian aid packages play a crucial role. They provide immediate relief to those affected by conflicts, natural disasters, and economic hardships. Additionally, they serve as a symbol of compassion and solidarity, fostering hope and resilience within┬ácommunities.

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