The First-round Distribution of Emergency Food Packages in Bamyan, Afghanistan

In addition, _ besides distributing emergency food packages, HASCO also organized the provision of shoes and winter clothes for the children. _ Also, packages of coal for each family to heat their homes in this cold season. _ Realizing the importance of addressing their immediate needs, this additional assistance was done with the aim of ensuring the well-being and dignity of the Children and their families recipients.

The package, designed to benefit 40 working children and their families, included sturdy shoes to protect their feet during harsh weather conditions and durable winter clothing to keep them warm throughout the colder months. _ By focusing on the children's well-being, HASCO sought to alleviate some of the burdens they faced while engaging in labor activities and provide them with essential items necessary for their health and safety.

This comprehensive approach not only addressed the immediate needs of the children but also underscored HASCO's commitment to holistic support for vulnerable families in Bamyan province. _ By addressing both food insecurity and the lack of adequate clothing and footwear, HASCO aimed to provide a more comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by working children and their families in the region.

Date: 11 December 2021


It goes without saying that the most important goal or mission of our support and activities for working children and their families is to significantly reduce the number of working children in society

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